Asian Black Bear Facts – Learn About the Moon Bear

Ursus thibetanus (Tibetan Bear) Otherwise known as the Moon Bear, the Asiatic Black bear is a medium-sized bear that lives in Asia.  It is a separate species to the American Black Bear, having diverged around 3 million years ago.  They have a similar build to brown bears but are smaller, with slightly longer limbs.  They […]

American Black Bear Facts

American Black Bear Introduction Ursus Americanus (American Bear) is a medium-sized bear native to North America and is the continent’s most numerous bear species.  Despite the name, some subspecies can be brown in coloration, not to be confused with the Brown bear. American Black bears are not closely related to the brown bear or the […]

Brown Bear Facts – Learn About Grizzly Bears

Brown Bear Introduction Scientific Name: Ursus Arctos, which literally means “Bear (Latin) Bear (Greek)” Brown bears are a large bear species found in North America and Eurasia.  They are closely related to polar bears and together they are the largest living land carnivores. Despite their name, brown bears are not necessarily brown.  They have long […]

Sun Bear Facts – Learn About Sun Bears

Sun Bear Introduction Helarctos malayanus (Malaysian Bear) The Sun Bear is the smallest member of the bear family. It has a stocky build with large paws, rounded ears, and a short snout which makes it look almost dog-like.  They have black fur which is short to keep them cool in the hot climate but it […]

Sloth Bear Facts – Learn About the Sloth Bear

Sloth Bear Introduction Melursus ursinus (literal meaning: honey bear) The Sloth Bear is a medium-sized bear native to the Indian subcontinent.  They have long snouts and lips, are lankier than other bears and have thick shaggy fur.  There are two subspecies – the Indian Sloth Bear and the Sri Lankan Sloth Bear. Indian Sloth Bear […]

Spectacled Bear Facts – Learn About the Spectacled Bear

Tremarctos ornatus (literally meaning decorated hole bear, referring to a hole in the bear’s humerus) Spectacled Bear Facts Spectacled bears are one of the smallest species of bear and the only living bears from South America.  Despite its size, the spectacled bear is actually the largest land carnivore in that part of the continent, although […]

Panda Facts – Learn About the Giant Panda

Panda Introduction Scientific Name: Ailuropoda melanoleuca (literally translated as something like a black and white cat foot, or something like that!) Pandas are fairly small bears with males reaching 150Kg (about twice as heavy as a human) and females 125Kg.  For reference male polar bears often reach 450Kg and brown bears 600Kg.  Although we call […]

Polar Bears

Polar Bears Ursus maritimus Population: 22,000 to 31,000 Status: Vulnerable Weight: Males 360 Kg to 590 Kg.  Females: 135 Kg to 320 Kg Range: Arctic Circle and adjacent land masses Life Expectancy: 25 years With males regularly growing up to 560 Kg, polar bears are the largest bears in the world and actually the largest […]